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Android Apps Development

Become an Android Apps Developer from Scratch A step-by-step Android Apps development tutorial for aspiring developers with no coding or Objective-C experience. COURSE TUTOR Md.Mahmudul Haque Khan Android Application Developer Worked: Us Software Limited. Mob: +8801683798637. Email: Skype: bappy392. COURSE CURRICULUM: Android Overview Introduction to Android framework Development environment Android SDK overview Advanced Java Overview Object Oriented Concept Java Basics: Data Types Conditions Loops, Arrays A Classes and Objects Inheritances Polymorphism, Abstact class Interface Package Access Modifieres Exception Handling Basic GUI Serialization Multi-threading I/O Collection MCQ TEST.    Android User Interface Layouts Widgets: Button TextView Event listeners SlidingDrawer ScrollView TabWidget Screen size and screen orientation OptionMenu CheckBox DatePicker/TimePicker ImageButton ProgressBar RadioGroup/RadioButton Dialog Alert List Radio Toast Custom Toast ToggleButton Spinner AutocompleteTextView, RatingBar, WebView, MCQ TEST. Android Basics Activity LifeCycle Services Broadcast Receivers Content Providers Fragments MCQ TEST. Android Advanced Notification Fragment Phone Calls Mapping and Location Based Services Wi-Fi MCQ TEST. SQL Database SQLite and Mysql MCQ TEST. Networking Network Services REST JSON/XML MCQ TEST. UML Class Diagram Object Diagram Modeling types Introduction UML Tools & Utilities Real Project.