Professional Web UX/UI Design

This course is very useful to all web programming guys to get everything in a one platform to make them professional on their career line with UX/UI Design.

Course Contents

Fundamental session

  • How Design works?
  • What is Design?
  • Why design is required?
  • Why client will hire you or purchase your design?
  • What is future of design?
  • Why we use coding for design?
  • What is difference between UI & UX Design?

Basic Web UI Design

  • Learn all HTML tags, elements, attribute and value
  • Learn all CSS selector, properties and value
  • What is padding and margin?
  • What is HTML color? And Different type of color code
  • What is Layer and Layout?
  • What is font size and font-family?

Advance Web UI Design

  • Learn all HTML5 tags
  • Why is HTML5 important?
  • What is canvas, Audio and video tag?
  • Learn all CSS3 selector, properties and value
  • Positioning with CSS3
  • What is SASS and LASS?
  • How work SASS and LASS?
  • What is CSS3 animation, transformation, triangle, transition?
  • Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4 Framework
  • What is responsive Web page?
  • Browser compatibility?

JavaScript and jQuery

  • What is JavaScript?
  • What are functions?
  • Understanding variable scope?
  • Understanding user define function and how to use in document dot ready function
  • Hide, Show, Fade, Toggle effect
  • How to work function using object, using the arguments parameter and working with jQuery effect in a custom function.


Word Press Theme Customization

  • Installed Word Press.
  • Install Plugins
  • Custom Word Press Theme.


Real Project Work

  • One-page layout
  • Web-page Layout
  • Email Template
  • Admin panel
  • What is Domain and Hosting?
  • How to Host a Website in a Server?
  • Working in Live Server
  • Manage cPanel and Database

Freelancing Tips

  • Introduction of Online marketplace.
  • How build freelancing account & profile in Fiverr, Upwork?
  • How create gigs and make cover latter?
  • How apply online market place job?

Assignment: 3

Assessment: 2

Final Examination :1