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This training is organized by US Software Limited.

Training will be held in US Software Limited.

Course Outline :

Professional Web Design & Development with Bootstrap 5.1 & Laravel 6.1

Short Description:
Now a days Web Design and Development is a hot cake career . But most of the people does not know how to learn it in a professional way. That’s why this course is very useful to all web programming guys to get everything in a one platform to make them professional on their career line with latest version of Bootstrap 5.1 and Laravel 6.0.
Scratch to Professional Training on Bootstrap5.1 & Laravel 6.1 (28*2=56 Hours)

Basic Web Design

Class >>1

Starting Your First Web Page, HTML Tags, Attributes, Elements, Comments,
, Head, Body, Section, Div, Header, Footer, Page Title, Headings,
Paragraphs, Hyperlinks, Lists, Images, Tables & Form Making

Class >>2

Types of Style Sheets, CSS Selectors, Properties, Values, Backgrounds,
Colors, Text Styling & Formatting, Borders, Margins, Paddings, Outlines,
Pixels, Percentages, Points, Em, Block & Inline Elements, Float & Clear, CSS
Positioning, Text Effects, ID $ Class Selectors, Layers, Pseudo Classes,
Pseudo Elements, Media
Types, Layouts

Class >>3

• About jQuery, Syntax, Selectors, Attributes, Traversing, CSS, Events,
• Making jQuery Scroll top with animation.

Bootstrap 5.1

Class >>4

• What is Bootstrap 5.1
• How to use it
• Starting to make a Personal Portfolio webpage
• Bootstrap Basic Template

Class >>5+6+7

• Bootstrap Grid system, Typography, Tables, Forms, Buttons.
• Bootstrap Navs, Navbar, Scrollspy, modal,Breadcrumbs, Pagination,
Labels, Badges, Alerts
• Bootstrap Display, Flex, Float, Shadow, sizing, spacing, vertical Align

PHP Basics

Class >>8

• Introduction to PHP, Syntax, Variables , Comments, Types of Operator,
if – else statement, Switch in php, Loops in php, nested for loop

Class >>9

• String Functions, Super Global Variable, Understanding GET Method,

Understanding POST Method, File Functions

Class >>10+11

• Introduction to Database, PHPMyAdmin, Creating a Database &
• CRUD System with PHP

PHP OOP Basics

Class >>12

• Class & Object, Properties, Method, Public, Private, Protected

Magic method

Class >>13+14

• CRUD System with OOP PHP

Laravel 10.1

Class >>15

• Introduction of Laravel 10.1
• Laravel Installation & Architectural Concepts & Ecommerce Template

Class >>16

• Project Template Mastering by using Blade with View, Routes, Controller

Class >>17

• Registration and Contact us page email sending

Class >>18

• Admin Dashboard Making and Product uploading form making

Class >>19+20+21

• CRUD Product Form and Connect with Product display page

Class >>22+23

• Making User Panel for Order submitting and wishlist.

Class >>24+25

• Order Confirming By Admin

Class >>26

• Uploading ecommerce in live market.

Class >>27+28

• Make few Security for unwanted happen and error handling.


What Our INstructor say

I'm a web developer with 6+ years experience in various phases of SDLC like Design, Development, Integration, Testing and Deployment.